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What is EVA? Who is it intended for? How can EVA be availed to you? These and more questions are addressed here, and we remain available to engage with you on

Is the EVA Programme only available for Singapore?

The programme is first launched in Singapore and is by no means limited to Singapore. 

If you would like to join the EVA Programme and you are not located in Singapore, feel free to contact us at

What is EVA?

Electric Vehicle Accelerator (EVA) is a program created by Singapore-based carbon consultancy, CRX CarbonBank. EVA operates under the rules of United Nations' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program. The CDM is meant to encourage low-carbon industry. With EVA, the transition of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EVs), is encouraged by finance from the sale of carbon credits to project participants, that are generated from the reduction of carbon emissions. If you are a Charging Point Operator, Fleet Owner or Operator, you will benefit from this programme.

What is a Carbon Credit?

A Carbon Credit represents a reduction of environmentally damaging gases. It is produced in a low carbon project and brings the seller revenue. Its buyer can use carbon credits to meet compliance, to voluntarily offset emissions, to meet a CSR initiative, to enhance brand profile. 

The Electric Vehicle Accelerator (EVA) is one such project, designed by carbon veteran CRX CarbonBank of Singapore.

What are benefits of the EVA Programme?

With EVA you will receive an income from the monetized value of the carbon credits generated. 

Besides the additional revenue, the EVA programme provides a UNIQUE enhancement to your brand, as you are demonstrating:
1. Your contribution to the transformation of Singapore and APAC’s transport and mobility infrastructure.
2. Your perception of global climate action policy and how it can be approved in the transport and mobility sector.
3. Differentiation in your marketplace and getting the attention of environmentally conscious prospects.
4. Defray licensing and local implementation costs with the arbitrage of on sale of VCUs to third party buyers. 

5. Defray costs of regulatory legislation to be put implemented to meet net zero targets as set out by various governments. 

6. The EVA program provides a UNIQUE enhancement to your corporate branding. 

7. To participate in the EVA GPA, which is the first of its kind in the Asia pacific region.  

Who can join the EVA Programme?

If you are an Operator of Charging Points, Owners/Operators of EV Fleets, or providers of services which facilitate the provision of electric mobility (including but not limited to mobility and/or ride-hail service operators and providers), you are eligible to join the EVA Programme. You may qualify for one or more of the roles listed above.

How do I sign up with EVA?

You can sign up using the EVA signup form on the main page of this site, or contact CRX at Our team will follow up with an email and the relevant documents.

How do I contact CRX CarbonBank?

You can email us at 

As a Charging Point Owner/Fleet Owner or Operator, will CRX CB implement any hardware/software in our CPs or our vehicles?

All that is required is basic data from charge events, which is done automatically. No hardware is required. For CPs, our integration team will attach a module to the data management system so as to extract data. EV Operators/Owners may utilize the free EVA app.