About Us

Since 2003, we've offered end-to-end
solutions in carbon management.

In 2015, CRX CarbonBank was launched to offer customized purchases of carbon credits. This progressed to include project origination of Carbon Credit Programs. Most recently, these include the RE-Electrify program and the EVA program. 

For tight control, CRX CarbonBank Pte Ltd is the project owner of the EVA Programme, whilst partner company CRX is the project developer. CRX (Climate Resources Exchange International Pte Ltd) is a carbon asset management and carbon asset origination company located in Singapore. CRX creates initiatives in carbon markets to alleviate climate change and encourage sustainable development. These initiatives are designed for the considerations faced in the business world. These include meeting compliance targets, setting internal carbon pricing, facilitating differentiation, and boosting triple bottom line benefits.

Meet BEEP Technologies

Beep has partnered with us to accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles, by leveraging on charging data to accurately calculate emissions reductions and generate.

Beep is a fast-growing, venture-backed start-up building the low-code IOT automation platform for any business. Headquartered in Singapore, they have helped power over 30 million transactions across thousands of devices to date, with customers in 5 countries.